We are looking to add more Members before the end of the year.
If you are interested, please send email to

Next meeting is May 29th at 6:00pm, and will be at 319 M62 in Cassopolis at the Cass County Library.

We are going to be electing officers for the next year at this meeting. After the business portion of the meeting there will be a presentation by Matthew May, N9JXR. Bring your radio restoration questions to ask.

 Please invited everyone to attend, and RACES members are encouraged to come early.

N8VPZ DMR Repeater located above the Cass County Fairgrounds, 443.5500 mhz +5, CC1. 1042' asl.

Current talk groups:

Local-1 TS-1 

Local-2 TS-2

TAC-310 TS-2 (PTT activated)

TAC-311 TS-2 (PTT activated)

CrossRoads TS-2

Midwest RG TS-1 (PTT activated)

DCI Comm-1 TS-1

DC1 Comm-2 TS-2 (PTT activated)

Parrot TS-1 (PTT activated}

USA 1776 TS-1

North America TS-1

 Local TG’s take priority and will hold-off other network traffic for 5 minutes