We are looking to add more Members before the end of the year.
If you are interested, please send email to

Next meeting is December 4th,  at 6:00pm, and will be at 319 M62 in Cassopolis at the Cass County Library.

Elected officer are:

W6GVS, President, N9QID V.P., N8VPZ Treasurer/Trustee, N9QIE Secretary.

 Please invited everyone to attend, and RACES members are encouraged to come early.

N8VPZ DMR Repeater located above the Cass County Fairgrounds, 443.5500 mhz +5, CC1. 1042' asl.

Current talk groups:

Local-1 TS-1 

Local-2 TS-2

TAC-310 TS-2 (PTT activated)

TAC-311 TS-2 (PTT activated)

CrossRoads TS-2

Midwest RG TS-1 (PTT activated)

DCI Comm-1 TS-1

DC1 Comm-2 TS-2 (PTT activated)

Parrot TS-1 (PTT activated}

USA 1776 TS-1

North America TS-1

 Local TG’s take priority and will hold-off other network traffic for 5 minutes